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Granby’s manufacturing companies need your expertise! Take full advantage of the employment opportunities, all within 10 minutes from home.

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Granby offers an outstanding quality of life
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Granby’s manufacturing companies offer a number of great opportunities. They need your expertise! Take full advantage of the great employment opportunities, all within 10 minutes from home. When you choose Granby, you choose quality of life coupled with a stimulating career.

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Granby’s industrial profile :

  • Two poles of excellence : Aeronautic and Specialty Vehicles
  • Two regional assets: Food Processing and Hydroelectric Engineering
  • 271 manufacturing companies
  • 9,105 jobs in the manufacturing sector
  • 25 foreign subsidiaries
  • Network of subcontractors
  • Over one hundred companies exporting abroad
  • 14 manufacturing sectors

Granby is an entrepreneurial city where a large number of companies are created every year, boosting the local economy.

The modern industrial park provides to businesses all necessary services including fibre optics and IP phone service. The diversity of our sectors of activity, the size of the companies, the number of jobs and the innovative spirit of our entrepreneurs have fostered a prestigious reputation for the city and its industrial park.

The industrial structure of the Haute-Yamaska region is also highly diversified. There are four key poles in terms of jobs, local assets, and market and investment potential: aeronautics, ground transportation equipment, food and beverage, and hydroelectric engineering. These poles are driven by companies active in the metal products, and plastics and rubber sectors. They create nearly 4 000 jobs, representing over 40% of the region’s jobs and 26% of its companies.

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#A Strong Industrial Tradition
An long tradition of industry


Until the early 1960s, the rubber, tobacco and textile industries were the main employers in the Granby region. However, the industrial period began in 1882 with the arrival of Granby Rubber, followed closely by Empire Tobacco in 1889. In 1909, Miner Rubber followed suit along with Granby Elastic Web in 1911.

After the Second World War, Granby’s industries began to diversify, which partly explains why Granby has continued to thrive despite the disappearance of these older manufacturers.1

Today, Granby is privileged to have one of the most beautiful industrial parks in Quebec. An entrepreneurial city,several companies establish their operations here each year to stimulate the local economy. Granby’s modern industrial park offers businesses all the necessary services, including the optic fiber, and is home to over 271 manufacturing companies. The diversity of its sectors, the size of its businesses, the availability of jobs and the vitality of its entrepreneurs all contribute to Granby’s considerable reputation, along with that of its industrial park.

1. Source: Communication Match Inc, Granby, Les éditions du Trèfle, Montreal, 1983

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