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Great outdoors, nature, proximity… Granby offers an outstanding quality of life where families come first.

Granby offers an outstanding quality of life

Awarded 4 Fleurons by Les Fleurons du Québec, Granby is a beautiful city and the pride of its inhabitants. To live in Granby is to enjoy an exceptional quality of life: The proximity of services, the availability of employment, the great outdoors, wonderful parks along with a healthy and safe environment for your family.

Discover Granby, a beaming city.

#Sports and Leisure
Granby on the move


Granby offers several sports facilities: Léonard-Grondin arena, with 3 skating rinks; an indoor swimming pool, home to Granby’s swimming club; multi-sport recreational centres; baseball fields and tennis courts (National Bank’s Challenger of Granby). Soccer is a popular sport in Granby. There are 16 outdoor soccer fields hosting the annual Jean - Yves Phaneuf International Soccer Tournament of Granby and 1 indoor field that offers players an opportunity to practice year round. Athletes from all disciplines evolve in Granby and stand out from the competition. In 2007, the city began promoting its athletes aged 25 and under with scholarships in sports excellence.

Nature lovers will be well served by the city’s abundant parks and hiking trails. Golfers will enjoy a dozen high-quality golf courses in Haute-Yamaska. Another 34 courses can also be found across the Eastern Townships.

Granby’s network of bicycle trails will delight bicycle tourism fans with the beauty of their landscape and ease of accessibility. The Estriade, the Granbyenne, along with the 40 km-long paved portion of the Montérégiade (within Granby), make up the longest in-line skating track in the Eastern Townships. Long distance enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the 225 km Véloroute des Cantons, The Golden Waves Cycling Trail, and the 5000 km Route Verte, the longest bicycle itinerary in North America (the Route Verte includes the Estriade and the Montérégiade).

The citizens of Granby and visitors alike can enjoy fly fishing in the Yamaska River, along with the many ATV and snowmobile trails that span several kilometres. In the winter months, outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the exterior skating rinks, cross-country skiing trails and sliding sports. The nearby mountains offer downhill skiing trails, mountain biking, water slides, a national park, and a wealth of other activities.

#Arts and Culture
Exciting cultural outings


Culture is well-rooted in Granby. The city offers a wide range of entertainment (The Palace), theatre (l’Ancien Presbytère),art galleries (Boréart and 3e Impérial), along with its Festival international de la chanson, a prestigious competition and showcase of French song. The city plays host to a number of cultural events held in collaboration with the Vie culturelle et communautaire de Granby organization.

Plus, three hiking trails offer an exciting way to discover Granby’s history and heritage. (guide available at the Granby Tourism Office). Granby is also home to the expansive Paul-O.-Trépanier library, open to all Granby citizens.

#Commerce and Tourism
Granby, maker of memories


Granby has developed a solid reputation as a family touristic destination thanks to the Granby Zoo/Amazoo, which welcomes over half a million visitors each year. Visitors also get to enjoy the MRC Haute-Yamaska‘s network of bicycle trails, the Centre d’interprétation de la nature du lac Boivin, a great place for ornithology lovers, along with the Miner Heritage Farm.

Known as the City of Parks and Fountains, Granby’s vibrant downtown has an energetic commercial life and a wide-ranging offer: Specialized boutiques, eateries, cafés, bistros and outdoor dining. Citizens of Granby and visitors can enjoy events year round.

As a gourmet destination, Granby is home to a hundred restaurants and a wide variety of cuisines. The city also boasts a complete commercial offer; the Galeries de Granby regional shopping centre is located at the western end of the city, surrounded by a variety of superstores.

Granby offers a wide range of activities, tourist attractions and festivals. The city also provides an international showcase with the Festival international de la chanson and the International – Antique cars auto show, featuring over 3000 vintage vehicles.

#Family and Schools
For my family, I choose Granby.


Granby’s infrastructure and services provide its citizens with an outstanding quality of life.

Health: Granby offers all the healthcare services your family needs: a Hospital (Centre hospitalier de Granby), general practitioners and specialists along with CLSC service points, including an early childhood clinic and several home-care centres for seniors.

Preschool: Daycare services along with early childhood and family daycare centres give parents peace of mind.

Schools: Fourteen elementary schools are available (including one private school and an English-language school), 5 secondary schools (3 public and 2 private), 1 professional training centre, and the Cégep de Granby, which also offers university courses. Granby is served by the Val-des-Cerfs School Board, which offers preschool, elementary and secondary education, as well as adult education.

When you choose Granby, you choose a city that promotes both family and environmental values. Granby also makes it easy for property owners thanks in part to its advantageous municipal tax rate. Several new residential projects have been built over the past few years while others are under construction. Life is good for Granby’s 64000 inhabitants.

Thinking about immigrating to Granby?


It’s the right choice! We understand that immigration represents a considerable undertaking. To facilitate your integration, please contact Solidarité ethnique régionale de la Yamaska (SERY) today.

SERY is a non-profit organization that welcomes immigrants,facilitates integration and builds intercultural bridges with respect for the values of the host community. Professional and dedicated employees put all of their efforts into welcoming a diversity of people from all continents in complete harmony and mutual respect. The organization provides help for employment and facilitates school integration and daycare enrolment. The Granby region is home to over one hundred different nationalities. Thanks to this wonderful cultural diversity, the city will continue to grow richer every day.

Several resources at your disposal


Looking for information and resources? Looking to get involved in your community? Granby and the MRC de la Haute-Yamaska are home to a wide range of organizations that respond to the various needs of its community. To learn more, dial 211, or visit the Corporation du développement communautaire de la Haute - Yamaska.

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