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Immigrate to Granby

It's enjoying an exceptional quality of life
and many available jobs !

Welcome to Granby! A dynamic and friendly city

Granby offers a quality of life that is close to nature. You will find employment and enjoy the proximity of services and high quality learning institutions as well as the availability of affordable housing, bike paths, a range of sports facilities for the whole family, major tourist attractions, festivals and large green spaces.

But the most important thing is: Granby offers a healthy and safe living environment!

“ Newcomers who discover Granby decide to stay because they feel comfortable here and find employment! ” Pascal Bonin, Mayor of Granby.

Granby, an inclusive city open to diversity, a choice destination!

Visit the city’s website (In French). (

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#Immigrate to Granby
Support services


You have made the right choice! We understand that choosing to immigrate represents a very big decision. To facilitate your integration in Granby, please contact Solidarité ethnique régionale de la Yamaska (SERY) today.

SERY is a non-profit organization whose mission is to welcome immigrants, to help them get settled and facilitate integration as well as to build intercultural bridges while respecting the values of the host community. Specialized and dedicated employees put all of their efforts into welcoming a diversity of people from all continents in the spirit of harmony and mutual respect. They provide assistance to find an apartment or a house and employment as well as facilitating school integration and daycare enrolment.

#Interactive Map
Services at your fingertips!


The interactive map of Granby is a user-friendly tool that enables you to view and geographically locate public services, learning institutions, health and medical services, organizations that offer employability services, businesses and so much more… Click here.

#Connexion Granby!
A whole network available to you!


Connexion Granby! is a network of several organizations available to provide support and foster your integration both socioeconomically and in your working life.

This network bridges the gap between your different needs: Information, services, networking, French-language acquisition, education, mentoring, employability or business, whether you are wishing to take up residence, seeking an internship or a job or even to start a business. Furthermore, Connexion Granby! has access to a network that is able to mobilize economic and business community stakeholders so that you can quickly find a job.

Hailing from the four corners of the globe: The Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, members of the immigrant community are involved in a number of festivities throughout the city, in manufacturing and service businesses as well as being entrepreneurs in a range of industries.

To find a job, click on the “Find a job” tab

To become an entrepreneur, visit the “TO INVEST” section

An engaged community!


The Granby area is home to over a hundred different nationalities and it grows richer every day, fostered by this wonderful cultural diversity.

#Our Language
French, but that’s not all


In Granby, people mostly speak French. In fact, over half the population speaks only French. However, 37.5% of Granbyans also speak English. As it is an industrial and a tourism-oriented city, knowing both official languages is a significant asset. Four percent of Granby’s population have neither French nor English as their mother tongue.

Living in Granby means choosing a welcoming city that embraces the wealth of its diversity and multiculturalism.

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