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Establishing a business in Granby, a profitable choice! Dynamic high-tech industrial park, poles of excellence, financial incentives, stable and skilled workforce.

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Granby offers an outstanding quality of life
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Granby is home to a long-standing industrial tradition. Entrepreneurship, innovation, partnership, diversity and expertise are all well-rooted in the city’s business environment. Travelers get their first glimpse of the industrial park along Route 139, the main access road between Granby and highway10. Here, an impressive array of factories in all shapes and sizes bear witness to the city’s dynamic vibrant industrial activity.

#Establish your Business in Granby and Enjoy…

  • A strategic location at the gateway of the Estrie and Montérégie regions
  • Close to Autoroute 10 via Route 139 (exit 68)
  • Proximity to Montreal, Sherbrooke and the U.S. border
  • Space available between $0.50 and $2.00/sq ft
  • Financial incentives in the form of tax credits and a zero fee policy
  • Very competitive industrial tax rates
  • A network of 271 companies along with a wealth of potential clients and suppliers
  • Specialized workers

Granby Industrial can provide support for all your investment and business projects.

#Dynamic High-Tech Industrial Park


Granby’s industrial park offers a prime location for companies seeking to establish a business in the region. The broadband fibre optics network available throughout the park is one of the best-equipped in the Montérégie. Over the past fifteen years, the city of Granby has invested more than $1.5 billion in the park, further demonstrating its commitment and ability to adapt to the evolving world of manufacturing.

Here are a few essential facts about the park:

  • All services are provided free of charge by the city within property limits
  • Location and access: Route 139, Autoroute 10, Exit 68
  • Available surface: Over 3 million square feet
  • Space available between $0.50 and $2.00/sq ft ($5.40/m2 to $21,53/m2)
  • Aqueduct, wastewater system: Sanitary sewer lines and rainwater pipes
  • Electricity grid
  • Natural gas
  • Optic fiber and IP telephony

#Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Our assets:

#Granby’s Industrial Profile

  • Two poles of excellence : Aeronautics and Specialty Vehicles
  • Two regional assets: Food Processing and Hydroelectric Engineering
  • 14 manufacturing sectors
  • A total of 9105 jobs in the manufacturing sector
  • 271 manufacturing companies
  • Network of subcontractors
  • 25 foreign subsidiaries;
  • Over one hundred companies exporting abroad.
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